Sourcing and Fabric


From our fabric to the packaging, we are committed to sustainable, locally produced materials of the highest quality. In our search for a domestically produced organic jersey that would allow us to back our t-shirts for life, we sampled fabrics from mills around the country. Unsatisfied, we realized we were going to have to build a custom fabric.

We chose to start with the best raw cotton. The top 3% of the U.S. cotton crop is Supima cotton, but only 1% of that 3% is organic and the vast majority of it goes over to the European market. We were told we were  on a wild goose chase to try to get our hands on organic Supima.  

A mill owner in Los Angeles bought into our vision and convinced one of the absolute best yarn spinners to work with us on a small run in Switzerland. Our next production run was large enough to be spun at a sister company in the US, which reduced transportation emissions. Our fabric is made of 100% Organic Supima® Cotton, grown in the American southwest, spun in Georgia and milled in California.

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