Autumn 2019

Lazlo began as an exploration of sustainability in the fashion industry.


Our first project focused on an American icon, the white tee. We set up a cut-and-sew studio in Detroit, custom-developed a fabric from the finest organic cotton and hired Aaron, who had spent 22 years in prison, to do our production sewing. Along the way, we cultivated a deep appreciation for skilled craftsmanship and luxurious natural materials.

Since then, our efforts to create opportunity for marginalized populations have transitioned to the Industrial Sewing & Innovation Center. ISAIC’s mission is to bridge the training of traditional skills with those for emerging technologies, creating viable career paths within apparel manufacturing. Christian represents Lazlo as a founding board member of ISAIC; partners now include the CFDA, the City of Detroit, Tracy Reese, Carhartt and Shinola.

Over the past five years, we’ve seen an explosion of interest in redesigning the apparel industry. While we will always enjoy the thrill of creating beautiful products, our energy has increasingly shifted to the intersection of advanced manufacturing, impact investing and the circular economy.

Our transition is in support of a community of incredible entrepreneurs, activists and leaders, and we look forward to facilitating dialogue around systemic change.


Christian in a linen shirt from our Fall ‘18 collection.

Christian in a linen shirt from our Fall ‘18 collection.