We help brands, industry partners and investors realize systemic change.



A new generation of consumers values transparency and sustainability, but convoluted supply chains make it difficult for brands to deliver on these values. We help brands move toward innovative and closed-loop supply chains that align with consumer demands.


We assist [1] policymakers and economic development agencies in identifying opportunities and implementing initiatives and [2] industry organizations and events with the integration of new technologies and approaches.


We work with private equity and venture capital firms to develop fashion investing strategies.

The disruptions ahead are so profound that mass-market apparel players making big moves and capturing the advantages of nearshoring and automation will have a significant first-mover advantage. The business models they build will drive growth and be difficult for others to replicate.
— McKinsey & Company, The State of Fashion 2019


  • Nimbly, Co-Founder: Nimbly is rethinking the knitwear value chain, developing the physical and digital infrastructure to move from a supply-driven to a demand-driven system. We are a full-service knitwear manufacturer building the sustainable manufacturing platform of the future.

  • NEXUS Ethical Fashion Lab, Co-Chair: With 5000+ members globally, NEXUS bridges communities of wealth and social entrepreneurship. The Ethical Fashion Lab sits at the intersection of impact investing and sustainable innovation, and aims to collaborate in revolutionizing the business of fashion.

  • Industrial Sewing & Innovation Center, Founding Board Member: ISAIC is partnering with the CFDA, the City of Detroit, Carhartt, Shinola and Tracy Reese on a nonprofit to train marginalized workers on 21st century apparel production.


Sustainable innovation // impact investing // workforce development // distributed and on-demand production // circular economy


Our time is split between New York, Detroit & Los Angeles.

Please contact us at info@lazlo.co for a complimentary consultation.